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Age Knows No Limit When It Comes to Creativity


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This stunning and vibrant scarf entitled "PEACE" comes with a moving story from Barbara one of the founders of Inspired Floral Designs NYC. Her story expresses how creativity knows no age limit. Be inspired!

In the 1950s, at the age of 22, I was part of  a world where wives were taught to be submissive to their husbands’ opinions and wishes. During my first year of marriage, I enrolled in an art class at the Museum of Modern Art here in New York City. When I started showing my artwork to my new husband,  he told me I had absolutely no talent and should drop the course. I submitted to his negative opinion and did so immediately. Fast forward 73 years, and at the age of 95, my dearest friend Whitney created a safe and supportive environment which enabled me to paint again - resulting in this scarf. Creativity knows no age limit.

The flame of creativity, though momentarily extinguished, was never truly put out. Fast forward 73 years, and at the remarkable age of 95, Barbara's artistic spirit was reignited.  In a stark contrast to the discouragement she faced decades ago, I’m thrilled and thankful to have created a safe and supportive environment that encouraged Barbara to paint again. The result of this artistic awakening is the stunning scarf entitled "PEACE” in the ‘Flower Power’ collection.  Its vibrant colors and whimsical patterns reflect not only Barbara's artistic talent but also the resilience of creativity itself. The scarf stands as a testament to the idea that true passion and artistic expression are boundless, transcending age, societal expectations, and the passage of time. 

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