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Thank YOU for visiting our website! I love creating art - whether it’s through dance, painting, photography, arranging flowers, or designing scarves and greeting cards from my floral photography and watercolor paintings. During the pandemic here in NYC, I began photographing flowers on my walks to and from work to help ease the difficulties of dealing with Covid while working in senior living. I self-published a book - “Beauty in the Midst of Chaos: A Pandemic Flower Journal" (available online at Blurb Books) and started my own small business, INSPIRED FLORAL DESIGNS NYC LLC. Making art shareable and wearable is what I enjoy most! I feel that approaching my creativity with spontaneity and an open heart and mind is exciting, as one never knows what might be discovered. On my walks around NYC or wherever I may be, I am always ready to capture beauty through my camera. 

As a child growing up on the grounds of my family-owned senior living community in N.C., I have indelible memories of observing, touching, and smelling the stunning flowers grown by my grandmother. Flowers have always been an integral part of my life.  

My extensive background in dance has had a profound effect on my work in the visual arts. When I'm photographing flowers, I see them as I see a dance, whether it's a single flower or a solo, a duo, a trio, or a group performance. There is magic happening - the magic of growth, rebirth, love, and eternal change. The flowers are living and vibrant creatures, almost ready to speak. Within stillness there is movement. Flowers are the embodiment of beauty without limits. And the movement within them is limitless as well - petals opening, petals closing, petals falling off, the process of wilting, or a ballet with a bee or a bird. These are all delicate and exquisite conversations - true beauty, and the beauty I love to capture. As a flower grows and blooms to its fullest self, then wilts and returns to the earth, there is a dance happening within. We are here to witness just that if we pay close attention…if we are open, spontaneous, and in the present moment. All that is asked of us is to open our eyes and hearts to the beauty that surrounds us in the wondrous world of flowers. Flowers are MAGIC!

 Barbara and Whitney

Meet Barbara...

Age knows no limits when it comes to true friendship. It was a serendipitous meeting over two years ago that marked the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I’m 44 and Barbara is 95, and in one instant it seemed that we had shared a lifetime of loyalty, trust, collaboration, and love. 

From the start, Barbara passionately supported my idea of creating a book of my floral photography during the pandemic here in NYC. From the book came the greeting cards and then the scarves. 

Barbara opened my eyes and guided me to do things I didn’t know were possible. A former model and business executive, her vast experience in the fashion industry has given her a great wealth of knowledge. She is an incredible inspiration and I am forever grateful for our extraordinary bond. We are delighted to share with you our exquisite, original and ethically made scarves and more!


Our Scarves

Our exquisite collection of one-of-a-kind scarves are individually crafted with passion and are not just accessories; they are wearable works of art.

Every piece is thoughtfully designed in NYC, and ethically printed, cut and hand made in London ensuring that no two scarves are alike. The artisanal touch brings out the distinct character and charm, making each scarf a unique expression of style and personality.

All fabrics are of high quality and are ethically sourced ensuring a tactile experience that is as delightful as it is distinctive. The attention to detail extends to the vibrant colors and subtle textures that adorn our scarves, creating a visual feast for the senses.

Wearing one of our one-of-a-kind scarves is not just about accessorizing; it's about making a statement. It's about embracing individuality and celebrating the uniqueness that sets you apart. Our scarves are more than just fabric; they are a reflection of style, original art, personality, and the appreciation for the extraordinary.

Elevate your wardrobe with a touch of exclusivity, wrapped in the beauty of our one-of-a-kind ethically made and original designed scarves. Embrace the artistry, embrace the uniqueness, and make a bold statement with a piece that is truly yours.

Be sure to check out our beautiful greeting cards, candles, totes, coffee mugs and coasters as well.

Thank you for visiting Inspired Floral Designs NYC-bringing beauty, nature, hope and inspiration together. 


Whitney & Barbara

Photo credit: Claire Kretzschmar




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