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We are back at the Frederick Hotel on Saturday, July 20th from 12-4pm

The Perfect Mini Scarf

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The PERFECT Mini Scarf

The Perfect Mini Scarves

The Perfect Mini Scarves

Introducing our adorable Mini Scarves – the ultimate accessory for every occasion! ... 

Summer Breeze...A Whirl of Color and Elegance

Summer Breeze Collection

Summer Breeze Collection

Introducing our Summer Breeze Collection: A Whirl of Vibrant Color and Elegance.... 

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    I recently purchased the Vegan Georgette "Arukah" scarf from Inspired Floral Designs as a gift for a dear friend of mine. When my gift arrived she thought it was gorgeous, the design, the feel, and even the packaging. In addition to the scarf being ethically and responsibly made, 3 trees were also planted in sub-Saharan Africa. I couldn't be happier to have chosen this gift to give for all of these reasons and more! 

    Jodie B. - Queens, NY

  • The scarf is beautiful. I love the intense color and the gorgeous painting that you created for it. The fabric you are using feels light and luxurious. Also, It was fun to discover the cute bag that contains the scarf. It was like getting a present. The bag is also a sign that this scarf is something that you, as the maker, care enough about, that you want us, the wearers, to treat it with the same care. I also appreciate the card inside. Along with the attractive image, the fact that buying one of your scarves will have an impact on the futures of people in sub-Saharan Africa, makes buying one of these more than just adding something lovely to our wardrobes, but also an act of social responsibility. All in all you have created a very classy product. Well done! I am once again in awe of your talents. - Farrel L. Los Angeles, CA

  • Whitney’s note cards are gorgeous. You can feel her deep connection with the flowers. Her lighting, space, form and arrangement are all beautifully balanced."- Maria S. NYC

Amber Vanilla Soy Candle

Indulge in the warm embrace of our new Amber Vanilla Soy Candle, a sensory journey handcrafted to elevate your space. Curated with love and commitment to quality these are made in small batches. Order now and experience the warmth of amber-infused tranquility and add a touch of luxury to your moments of respite.

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Elevate your style, enhance your writing, and create lasting impressions with the touch of nature's elegance. Discover our one of a kind greeting cards here.

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Inspired Floral Designs NYC Deluxe Cotton Tote

Check out our newest deluxe versatile 100% cotton tote! Environmentally conscious and reusable, our deluxe cotton tote bags are ideal for light grocery shopping, carrying essentials, or as a stylish accessory.

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Our newest exquisite scarf of our 'Butterfly' collection is entitled Ruach (pronounced roo-akh) is the Hebrew word for spirit, breath, or wind. What better to describe a butterfly? vegan georgette scarf, silk alternative, butterfly scarf, fashion, slow fashion movement, ethically made

Perfect Colors for Anytime of the Year 'The Butterfly' Scarf Collection

Butterflies are stunning creatures and a beautiful reflection of the processes of rebirth, growth, renewal and freedom.  Add a little nature to your wardrobe with this friendly reminder to spread your wings and grow to your fullest potential! Perfect anytime of the year!

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Dancer and model Claire Kretzschmar wearing the scarf "Étendre" by Inspired Floral Designs NYC