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The Inspirational Journey Behind Inspired Floral Designs NYC


Inspirational story of how inspired floral designs nyc started

In a world often divided by age, there are instances when the universe orchestrates serendipitous encounters that transcend time. For me, that encounter came over two and a half years ago when I met Barbara—a vibrant, beautiful 93-year-old (now 95 1/2) whose age knows no limits when it comes to true friendship and collaboration. Little did I know that our meeting would mark the inception of Inspired Floral Designs NYC, a venture that blends beauty, nature, hope, and inspiration.

I love creating art - whether it’s through dance, photography, painting, arranging flowers, or designing scarves and greeting cards from my floral photography and paintings. During the pandemic here in NYC, I began photographing flowers on my walks to and from work to help ease the difficulties of dealing with Covid while working in senior living. From the start, Barbara passionately supported my idea of creating a book of my floral photography during the pandemic. From the book came the greeting cards and then the scarves. 

Barbara opened my eyes and guided me to do things I didn’t know were possible. A former model and business executive, her vast experience in the fashion industry has given her a great wealth of knowledge. She is an incredible inspiration and I am forever grateful for our extraordinary bond. 

Age truly knows no limits when it comes to true friendship. In one instant it seemed that we had shared a lifetime of loyalty, trust, collaboration, and love. Each day we continue to collaborate and create on each design. We are delighted to share with you our exquisite, original and ethically made scarves and more.

That is how Inspired Floral Designs NYC was established!


Whitney & Barbara

inspired floral designs nyc






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Your website and designs are as beautiful and special as the two of you.


We love Whitney, Barbara, and the wonderful pieces they have created! So happy with our purchases. ❤️❤️❤️


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